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Work from home jobs

work from home jobs group that appreciates your service, drive, and energy just as much as your facilities. We obsess over producing world-class occurrences to our clients and we’re looking for somebody who is devoted to the same goal. We pride personally on maintaining a culture based around collaboration, quality, novelty, and constant growth and enlargement.

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Description and Requirements

Position Overview:

The Ads Services Specialist job supports the unique social media system for short-form videos. liable for ensuring legal agreement and safety of monetized displaying content uploaded to the program.

Note: This post will start as a work from home jobs position and may transition to onsite within our communication center at a later point. The ideal applicant should be adaptable to work unless the environment.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Decide the content of communications by referring to Ads Review Guidelines and Desktop Procedure
  • Support a high standard of efficiency and quality while fulfilling job duties
  • Engage in periodic refresher training to continually conduct correct moderating courses
  • Make recommendations for improving energy
  • Collaborate with other companies related parties to complete the assigned work and handle shifting tasks
  • Take proper work from home jobs review and reflection, continuously evaluate and improve the appearance on both quality and performance, and bring timely feedback of the culmination and optimization events found in the production

Job Requirements:

  • Shown stable job security
  • Social media savvy
  • Head to perform services objectively, without natural preferences or personal opinions
  • Strong sensitive intelligence and elasticity
  • Close and critical work stand
  • Proclivity towards complying with ideas, policies, and purposes set in place and using a disciplined road when undertaking assignments
  • Strong analytic and research abilities
  • Ability to operate in fast and evolving work from home jobs with an eye for organization
  • Ability to reflect critically and obtain quick decisions
  • Collaborative and has a button mindset
  • PC fluency and knowledge of software and superior internet use
  • Strong grammar, grammar, and delivery skills
  • Energy to maintain a great degree of confidentiality while facing strict deadlines
  • Participation in content or population moderation is a plus
  • High school degree or equivalent
  • Must have wide availability – hours of employment are 24/7 so compliance with scheduling is wanted.
  • Must be able to pass a regular background check

Work From Home Jobs Requirements:

  • Applied, private home workspace free of diversions and breaks
  • Established place internet connectivity; tiniest internet download speed of 15 Mbps | upload speed of 10 Mbps
  • Understand your own network environment at home
  • Ability to troubleshoot their own devices & connectivity

Pay rate: $16.00/hr (+ $25 work-from-home discount per paycheck; paid bi-weekly)

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